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Northern Grid
Northern Grid for Learning was established in 1999 to work in partnership with 7 Local Authorities in the North East and aims to provide high quality digital learning experiences for educational professionals and their students.

The National Education Network
The National Educational Network is a dedicated, educationally focused resource for teaching and learning without constraints of time or location. Harnessing our unique expertise, we enable a safe, secure, collaborative and creative learning experience for pupils, teachers and parents.

Resource #1 Alcohol

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A guide to how the resources tie in to the curriculum.

A summary of the law, young people and alcohol..

How alcohol consumption is often measured.

Information on a dangerous side effect of alcohol consumption.

An activity related to the amount of alcohol consumed.

A resource to support the 'Units of alcohol' activity.

An additional resource to support the 'Units of alcohol' activity.

An activity related to the dangers of excessive drinking.

A learning activity related to excessive consumption of alcohol.

A resource to support learning related to the health impacts of alcohol.

A classroom activity to bring things together.

A resource to support the role play activity.

A bottle of alcohol