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This website has been designed to help young people stay safe while surfing the Internet. It is an interactive site which uses games and animation to guide young people through all the safety aspects of using the Internet.

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Truancy advice for parents

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Tackling Truancy

Are you worried about your child playing truant?

You can tackle the issue.
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• Tell them you are worried.

• Make sure your child understands how important it is to attend school regularly and the value of education.

• Take an active interest in your child’s schoolwork.

• If your child tells you they are bored or having problems at school, arrange a meeting with their teachers.

• If your child is making excuses to avoid going to school, listen to them and try to find out if there is an underlying problem such as bullying.

• If your child does start missing school, work with the school, and the Local Authority to address the problem.

• If you are planning a family holiday during term-time, discuss it with your child’s school beforehand.
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Legally speaking…...

As a parent, you are legally responsible for making sure your child goes to school and are committing an offence if you do not ensure they attend regularly.

You could be prosecuted and fined up to £2,500, given a sentence of up to three months in prison or a community sentence.

Police officers and education professionals can also issue penalty notices of between £50 and £100.

When you need support to prevent your child from playing truant, you might be asked to enter into a parenting contract. This is a voluntary two-sided agreement between you and the school.