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This website has been designed to help young people stay safe while surfing the Internet. It is an interactive site which uses games and animation to guide young people through all the safety aspects of using the Internet.
A site about the potential dangers on online interactive services like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles.

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Personal safety advice for parents

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As a parent, it’s only natural to worry about your kids and their safety.

By following these common sense tips you can help protect them.
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Young children

To help protect younger children you should make sure they:

• Learn their address and phone number by heart.

• Tell you if they are approached by a stranger.

• Avoid talking to people they don’t know.

• Know to seek help from a police officer or go into a shop and ask someone for help.

When you are out with your children:

• Keep them within your sight.

• Use reins for toddlers.

• Arrange a meeting place in case your child gets lost.

• Accompany them into public toilets.

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To help protect teenagers you should make sure they:

• Keep personal stereos and MP3 players turned off.

• Stick to busy well lit areas and avoid short-cuts.

• Cross the road or go to a busy place if they think they are being followed.

• Keep their mobile phone and other valuables out of sight.

• Speak up if they are being bullied.

• Do not carry weapons.

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