Knife crime advice for parents

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Know the facts:

It is illegal for someone to carry a knife if they intend to use it as a weapon, even in self defence. The police can search anyone they suspect to be carrying a knife which could result in you being arrested, going to court and getting a criminal record.

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You can play an important role in stopping knife crime becoming a part of your child’s life.

Talk to your son/daughter about carrying knives and urge them to walk away if confronted with the threat of violence.

Remind them that by carrying a knife they are increasing the risk of getting stabbed and injured, as well as breaking the law.
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It is an offence to have a knife on school premises

A school can screen pupils for knives without consent using a metal detecting arch or wand. If a knife is found on a pupil, the police will be called and it is likely they will be arrested.
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