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Drugs - Know the Score
Information and advice about drugs and the effects of drugs. Call our free confidential drugs information and advice helpline on 0800 587 587 9.

Release is the national centre of expertise on drugs and drugs law - providing free and confidential advice.

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Drugs advice for parents

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Illegal drugs are exactly that – ILLEGAL.

Anyone found with drugs on them can expect to be arrested and prosecuted and will end up with a criminal record.

Even more seriously, those caught supplying drugs to others risk a long prison sentence.

And that’s before you think about how dangerous it is to take drugs.

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Saying that, for any parents, it’s hard not to over-react about drugs, but it’s important not to panic.

There are plenty of scare stories in the news, but try to keep the issue in perspective.

Remember, illegal drug use is only a regular occurrence for a tiny proportion of young people.

Those who do use illegal drugs may only be experimenting.

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Why do young people use drugs?

Young people can use drugs for a number of reasons, including:

• They enjoy the short term effects the drugs produce and think it’s fun.

• They have friends who use them.

• They are bored.

• They are trying to rebel or want to shock their parents or some other authority figure.

• They are curious and want to experiment.

• They associate drugs with a particular ‘scene’.

• They want to escape from their problems.
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Talking About Drugs

Strategies and pointers can be used to talk about drugs with young people:

• Find an easy way to approach the subject - ask what they've done at school or use a drugs issue in a TV programme to start a discussion.

• Begin talking about drugs early - young people are aware of drugs, including legal, illegal or prescription drugs, from an early age.

• Listen to your child and try not to preach or lecture.

• Be prepared for questions about your own drug use - young people might question your own use of legal or illegal drugs.

• If you do discover your child is using drugs, try to stay calm and think about the issues rationally.

• Learn about the effects of different drugs so you are well informed
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