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Drugs signs

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Many of the mood swings and unpredictable behaviour associated with adolescence and teenage years can also be symptoms that your child is experimenting with drugs, so it can be difficult for parents to spot the signs.

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Common indications of drug use can include:

losing interest in hobbies, sports, or favourite activities

making a new group of friends or losing touch with their old friends

excessive tiredness/disrupted sleep patterns

lack of appetite

reduced memory and attention span

drastic weight loss or gain

red eyes/runny nose/bad skin

lack or personal hygiene and interest in appearance

truancy and loss of interest in learning

involvement in criminal activity
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Things that you may find around the house that could indicate drug use include:


rolling papers

small medicine bottles

eye drops

butane lighters

home made 'bongs' (pipes that use water as a filter) made from tin cans or plastic beverage bottles

scorched tinfoil

razor blades