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A Helping hand

If you need help or know anyone that needs help, the list below has good websites where you can find advice about what to do.


CEOP is a group of people that help to protect children on and off the internet. The group works to catch nasty people and to stop them from hurting children and others.

Internet Watch Foundation:

The Internet Watch Foundation is used to report nasty and rude pictures. If you find any pictures that upset you or you think are rude, you can report them to the Internet Watch Foundation.


Think You Know is a great website for finding out how to use the internet and other things like phones or computers. The website can show you all the latest information and tips on how to stay safe.


ChildLine is a free helpline for children to ring to speak to someone. They will listen to all of your problems, big and small, and will try and help you. They will keep the things you say to them a secret too.

Virtual Global Taskforce:

The Virtual Global Taskforce is a group of people that are fighting to stop people hurting children on the internet. Find out more on their website.

Get Safe Online:

Get Safe Online is a website which shows you how to be safe while using the internet. You can find the latest information on how to protect yourself from viruses and bad people too.