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Tell someone if you are a victim

If you are a victim tell someone

Being a victim of crime can make you feel really mixed up. You might be sad, scared, angry or even feel guilty.

The most important thing to remember is that it's not your fault.

Sometimes it helps to talk about how you're feeling. You might want to talk to your mum or dad, a friend, a teacher or another adult you trust.

If you think it would be easier to talk to someone you don't know, you can call ChildLine on 0800 11 11

If a crime happens to you at school, it's best to tell a teacher first. If the police need to be called, the school can do this for you. If the crime did not happen at school, get a grown-up to help you report the crime to the police.

If you have been a victim of crime, and someone is caught and charged, you could be asked to go to court to give evidence. This isn't as scary as it sounds - it just means telling the court what happened to you.

Sometimes, you do not have to go into the courtroom at all and you are allowed to give your evidence over a television link instead.