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Don't panic if you get lost

Don't panic if you get lost

What happens if I get lost?

Don’t Panic!

Stop, stand still and look around you. Your mum and dad might be able to quickly retrace their steps and come and find you if you stay where you are.

If you can see your mum and dad, go over to them straight away.

If you cannot find them, try to find another safe adult, like someone in a uniform with a name badge, and tell them you are lost.

If you get lost on the street, try to find a police officer or another safe adult.

If you cannot find a safe adult, find a safe building like a shop and go in there and ask for help.

If you're going somewhere really busy, like a shopping centre, you can make a plan in case you get lost.

Agree with your family or friends on a place you know, where you can meet if you get separated from them.

It's a good idea to know your address and telephone number off by heart.

If you get lost, you can tell police officers where you live and they will be able to take you home.

Remember - never tell a stranger your name or address.