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A police puppy dog

All of the dogs are highly trained

The dogs are highly trained

Dogs get uniform too!

 The dogs are provided with jackets and boots for protection

The Kennels

There are 32 kennels at police headquarters. At any one time there could be up to 40 or more dogs as some handlers have two or three dogs which live together.

During the summer the kennels are always full but during the winter there are between 10 and 15 dogs at any one time.

On average a German Shepherd bitch will have around 7 to 9 puppies, which is a large litter. The unit has a purpose built area in the kennel complex, which is designed for a bitch and her pups. The full time kennel team is trained in whelping and the rearing of puppies.

To keep the dogs in great condition the kennel complex has a well equipped grooming room. This has a purpose built dog bath which large dogs can get into without having to be lifted. There is also a grooming table, which can be adjusted depending on the size and breed of dog.

Sick or injured dogs can be kept in a specially built isolation area which has its own large grass exercise area. It was built in case any dog has a contagious virus or disease.

It's made up of four kennels, a medical and food preparation room and a foot bath. The force has its own medical stock for minor illness or injuries and if a dog is sick or injured they have vets who can be called on to come and treat them. The team makes sure all the force's dogs are up to date with their vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

The dogs have a regular exercise regime with eight large exercise areas and two large fields at force headquarters which are used for training and exercising. Every dog is given at least one field exercise a day depending on the number of dogs in the unit.