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A police puppy dog

Check out our puppy pictures

 Check out our Puppy pictures

Northumbria Police has a highly skilled and trained dog section.

Along with the dogs, the section also has more than 50 officers.

The dog section has General Purpose dogs which are mainly German Shepherds but there are also a few Belgian Malinois and Dutch Herders.

Eight of these dogs have been trained to work with the firearms teams..

There are also seven dogs licensed to detect drugs, weapons and cash and 12 animals who detect explosives.

The work carried out by the dog section, includes:

  • General Purpose activities
  • Firearms support
  • Searching activities
  • Tracking activities
  • Criminal work
  • Football match duties
  • Drugs detection
  • Explosives detection
  • Scanning people for drugs
  • Weapon detection

Police dogs are trained to be obedient. This is very important as they must be under control at all times. The dogs are either told what to do or the officers use hand signals.

Due to the work they carry out, the police dogs must be in good physical condition - they are trained to scale fences, jump distances and complete a hurdle and agility course.