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Never accept a lift from a stranger

Stranger Danger

Never go off with a stranger

 Stranger Danger
Stranger Danger

Strangers are people you don't know.

Most strangers are OK, but a small number of strangers want to hurt children.

You can't tell if a stranger is good or bad just by looking at them.

Some strangers could try to trick you into going away with them.

They might:

  • Offer you sweets to try to become your friend
  • Pretend they know you or your parents
  • Offer to give you a lift in their car.
  • Say they have lost a pet and want you to help them find it


  • Never go with a stranger 
  • Never take things from a stranger
  • Never go off on your own
  • Always try to play with other children and friends but always let your parents or carers know where you are.
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