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Domestic abuse must be reported

A family arguing

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse can be when someone in your family is being violent at home.

  • It can start with this person shouting at someone else. Sometimes, this can lead to violence.

  • Seeing or hearing someone you love being hurt is really frightening.

  • You might feel angry, helpless, guilty or ashamed.

  • It might affect your schoolwork and you might have trouble sleeping.

  • You might feel very lonely.

  • Talk to someone you trust, a teacher, relative or, if you have one, a social worker, about what's happening.

Remember: It is not your fault and it is not your job to stop it.

If you need help.....

You can call ChildLine anytime on 0800 1111 or you can speak to a counsellor online in a 1-2-1 chat. You can also speak to other young people on the Abuse and Safety Message Board.

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