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The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust is committed to saving young peoples lives by promoting safer cycling and, in particular, the use of cycle helmets. Visit The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust website. DOWNLOAD THE FREE LESSON PLANS BELOW:

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Check your tyres are not worn down

Always wear a safety helmet

Bike Smart - Top tips for safe cycling


Pump up your tyres. If they feel soft, get someone to help you pump them up. Check they are not worn down.


Test your brakes before every ride and make sure they are not rubbing against the tyres.


Make sure it is clean and there is no rust, that it is not hanging off and runs smoothly.


Make sure it's adjusted to the right height and tightened up. Too high or too low and it won't be comfortable or safe.

Lights and Reflectors

If you are riding your bicycle at night make sure the lights on the front and back of your bike are both working and can be seen. Use your lights when the weather is bad. Remember always wear a safety helmet and follow the Highway Code.