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Dogs for re-homing
Northumbria Police are always open to the offer of dogs which may make the grade as Police dogs.

It's a dogs life - (Puppy watch)
The Northumbria Police pups are now with their individual handlers. All the pups have passed their aptitude tests and are undergoing their training to hopefully go on to become a Northumbria Police dogs.

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Puppy Watch

Here's a first look at some of the newest members of our force. Join us here on Ebeat to track these puppies as they go through their life’s at the kennels through to when they are homed with their trainers and become police dogs.

Welcome to Puppy Watch!

Over the coming weeks we will be posting more pictures and videos about our newest additions.

Learn about: Their Breed, role in the force, kennels, kennel attendants, handlers, the Northumbria Police dog section. More information, pictures and videos coming soon!


YEEAAH! Its Friday!

Two puppies asleep

German Shepherds are highly intelligent and can be used as rescue and guide dogs as well as police dogs.

Northumbria Police has a highly skilled and trained Dog Section.

All the officers within the dog section have General Purpose (GP) dogs. Most are German Shepherds although the force also has Belgian Malinois, Spaniels and Dutch Herders.

Eight dogs have been trained to work with firearms teams; 12 detect explosives and seven dogs are licensed to detect drugs, weapons and cash.

They are used for:

General purpose

Firearms support



Criminal work

Football match duties

Drugs detection

Explosives detection

PANDA - (scanning people for drugs)

Weapon detection

A Northumbria Police dog
Northumbria Police German Shepherd Puppies
Police dogs are trained to be obedient with commands either given verbally or with a hand signal. This is very important as these animals must be under control at all times.

Due to the physical demands made on these dogs, they must be in good physical condition. They are trained to scale a six foot (1.8 meters) fence, clear a foot (0.3 meters) long jump and complete a hurdle and agility course.

The dogs are trained to bite and will do so on command, to protect themselves or their handler.

All dogs are tested and must have the correct physical and mental attitude and courage to support their handler in violent situations. The dog will chase and detain criminals who run away, keeping hold of them until told to release by the handler. Police dogs can be used in any violent situation - their presence can be enough to calm even the most violent of people.

The dogs are used to search for people who are hiding and for property that’s been hidden or discarded. The dog uses its strong sense of smell to detect the individual scent of people and property. Humans are not able to detect these smells, but the dog makes it look easy. The dog will hold the item in its mouth and take it back to the handler.

The same method is used when searching for people - the dog detecting a smell which he is attracted to. On finding the person, the dog will bark to tell the handler where they are.
A Northumbria Police German Shepherd dog

Tracking is another common job a police dog does with the dog used to track across ground for an offender. Again the dog uses its sense of smell, sniffing the ground which has been disturbed by the offender. The best ground to do this on is grass - hard surfaces like roads and paths are far more difficult.

Weather and time are other factors which affects tracking including wind, rain, snow, ice, frost and warm temperatures.

The force manages a kennel complex and is always on the look out for suitable dogs to join the unit. Dogs which the force find are not suitable for the job are sometimes made available for re-homing and more information can be found at The Kennels web page.

German Shepherds are very loyal to their family and make excellent family pets.