Road Safety Characters

Activity Packs

As part of our road safety initiative Operation Dragoon, we have created lesson plans and resources for young children. These have been tried and tested with pupils and we’d love you to use them in the classroom or even at home! You’ll see we have divided our resources into 5-7 year olds and 7-13 year olds. These feature thinking skills and quizzes.

Ages 5-7

Holding Hands activity packs

Safety Advice sheet

Road Safety Quiz

Ages 7-13

Thinking skills crash scene investigation activity packs

Activity Packs to complete with a Police Officer

If you would like your neighbourhood officer to visit your school, we can hold an hour long ‘Crash Scene Investigation’ lesson where the pupils investigate their own accident and interview a witness. This is useful to link in with science and technology lessons. We would encourage you to continue with the Crash Scene lesson when we’ve left by writing your own police or newspaper reports, or thinking about stopping distances of vehicles. These can all link into literacy and maths in the curriculum.

Ages 5-7

Skids and Hazards

Ages 7-13

Practical crash scene investigation

An officer giving a presentation to a class