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Police Officer - What's it like?
Want to do something worthwhile? Like to give something back to your community? Then a career in the police force could be for you.

Become a Special Constable with Northumbria Police
The Special Constabulary is a form of community service like no other. Why not volunteer as a special constable and support the work of your police force in the community?

Northumbria Police - Working for us
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Interview with a police officer

We asked PC Michael Hood a 24/7 response officer from Newcastle, what it's like be a cop..........

A male police officer
What was your previous job before you joined the Police?
Before I became a police officer I worked for the London Pension Service, a large sector of the Department of Works and Pensions.

Did you go to University or college?
I went to Northumbria University after completeing my A-Levels in sixth form.

Do you enjoy your job?
Yes, very much so. I like how everyday is different. Being a police officer for me isn't just a job, it's who I am.
What does your job involve?
My main role is to respond to incidents of crime and disorder reported by members of the public. However, a police officer can find themselves doing anything from looking for a missing child to helping a grieving family when they have suffered the sudden death of a loved one. I aim to offer an excellent service to the public, to prevent crime as well as solving crimes in an effort to help raise people's perception of a modern police officer.
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What is your favourite / least favourite thing about the job?
My favourite aspect of my role is helping victims of crime, particularly vulnerable victims who may feel isolated or alone following an incident. Many people are unaware of how much help is out there for them. I achieve a great sense of satisfaction knowing that my hard work has helped bring an offender to justice. Telling someone that one of their family members or friends has been injured or has died is the part of my job I don't enjoy.
Have you ever been injured (hurt)?
Yes, only once. I was assaulted by a drunk female after I had arrested her partner in the street. Thankfully the injury was not serious and she was arrested for the assault and charged.

Do you ever get scared?
Not really. It's important to stay calm and professional when dealing with incidents. Other police officers will always be nearby to help you if you need assistance and the majority of people I deal with are very polite and helpful. Police officers working during the night always work in pairs as we sometimes have to deal with people who are drunk and can be aggressive due to the effects of alcohol.
A female police officer on patrol

What days / hours do you work?
I work a five week shift pattern that involves two sets of day shifts (7am - 5pm) two sets of late shifts (2pm - midnight) and two sets of nightshifts (10pm - 7am). On average I have two days off a week.

What specialist departments can you move in to and which ones would you like to work in?
There are a lot of specialist departments within the police such as the dog section, firearms section, neighbourhood teams, C.I.D and the marine unit. At the moment I'm happy with my current role but in the future I think I will apply to join the firearms section of the police as it is something that interests me and would be a great challenge.

What is your proudest moment?
I once caught two burglars in a house who were in the process of stealing a large TV. The offenders had been made aware the owner was on holiday and had broke in through the back door. Thankfully, a neighbour had heard the noise and we were not far from the house when she called. The offenders also admitted to burgling a number of other houses in the area once they were brought to the police station for questioning.

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Would you ever like to be the Chief Constable?
I think it would be an excellent and rewarding job but also a demanding role. Maybe one day, certainly not for a long time though.

Who do you most admire in the force and why?
I admire most of the officers I work with on a response shift. These officers work night and day responding to any and all types of incidents and must have the knowledge and bravery to deal with them in the right way every time. Often these officers will work long hours and deal with criminals who strongly dislike the police, but they always remain professional and get the job done properly.

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy keeping fit at the gym and playing football. I've recently become a keen gardener too which was a pleasant surprise.

If you were not a police officer, what would you like to be?
I'd always wanted to be a vet as I love animals but I don't think I could keep up with all the studying.