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Police Officer - What's it like?
Want to do something worthwhile? Like to give something back to your community? Then a career in the police force could be for you.

Become a Special Constable with Northumbria Police
The Special Constabulary is a form of community service like no other. Why not volunteer as a special constable and support the work of your police force in the community?

Northumbria Police - Working for us
Find out more about a career with Northumbria Police and current job vacancies.

Advice for victims of crime
If you have been a victim of any crime or have been affected by a crime committed against someone you know, help is available for you.

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A picture of a female police officer

A day in the life of a cop

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The role of a police officer is an extremely important one where you can deal with many different kinds of crimes.

It can be a dangerous job which brings with it different challenges throughout every day.

However, a typical day can be.................

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5am - Wake up early doors - it's a cold morning so I put on my winter uniform.

5.30am - Breakfast!

6am – I leave the house and head to Newcastle’s Pilgrim Street police station for the start of my shift.

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6.30am – I arrive at the station and put on my utility belt, CS spray, stab-proof vest and radio. I grab my hat and jacket and head to the Parade Room ready for the briefing.

7am – The Sergeant gives the briefing in Pilgrim Street’s parade room to C Rota. The whole shift is briefed about on-going activities we need to look out for.
I am partnered with PC 8907 Harvey and we are assigned to foot patrol in Northumberland Street and the surrounding areas. We are following up activities from the previous night and dayshifts and looking out for any potential crime within Newcastle city centre.
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7.30-9am – Unless any calls come in on the radio, we get the chance to catch up on paperwork from the previous dayshift until the shops open at 9am.

8.30am – We receive a report of an attempted break-in at a store in Northumberland Street.
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8.40am – I go to the scene where I speak to witnesses and the store’s owner. I take details of what damage has been caused and ask if there are any descriptions of the offenders. I radio this in to the control room and give the owner a crime number. No extensive damage has been caused and the store owner confirms his business can continue as usual.

I ask if I can help any more but the owner says no and thanks us for our help. I tell him he should expect a visit from a Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) who will take finger prints. I recommend he closes off the area where the offender got into the store until the SOCO has searched for evidence.

9am – I continue to patrol Northumberland Street looking for potential witnesses to the attempted break-in. I speak to a number of people, but no-one saw the incident.
A SOCO officer dusts a window for fingerprints
A female police officer talks to a victim of crime
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9.30am – I radio the Sergeant to tell him we are free to be given further tasks.

9.35am – I am assigned to follow up calls about an assault in a bar in Collingwood Street. I talk to the staff at the bar and take a number of statements from potential witnesses. The door and bar staff give me some strong evidence so hopefully there should be a promising result. I also get copies of CCTV footage from the bar which will be used in a press release asking for further information. I am told the force media team has called wanting further details about the incident to issue to the local media. An appeal for information is sent out to the local press and media as well as the CCTV images I was given at the bar.
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Noon – I update the Police National Computer (PNC) database with information from both the incidents I have been dealing with and provide the Sergeant with a brief update.

1pm – Lunchtime!
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1.45pm – We receive a report of a violent patient being admitted to the local hospital. Checks on the PNC show the patient has a history of assault, drugs offences and carrying weapons. I attend the hospital to supervise the patient during his treatment.

3pm – SOCO return with the fingerprints they found at the store this morning. They are a match for a man suspected of a number of similar offences and I go to this man’s last known address. A man is arrested for questioning.

A female police officer on patrol
Two police officers talk to a potential witness
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3.30pm – Together with a CID officer I question the suspect. He is detained for further questioning.

4.45pm – We receive a report of a burglary on Richardson Road and this is passed to officers on the late shift to deal with as my shift is about to end. The Sergeant gives an end of day briefing and I update my PNB (Pocket Note Book).

5.15pm – End of duty.